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At its sites in Mannheim, PetrolPlus® GmbH
currently produces three mineral oil products:

DIN medium oil

Low-sulphur (< 0.3%) DIN medium oil according to DIN 51603 Part 4 R-LS for heat generation in combustion plants according to the 4th BImSchV, e.g. in lime works, asphalt works, drying plants.

Group IV Reraffinate

Group IV reraffinate as a precursor for the production of base oils for the lubricating oil industry

Gas oil/heavy oil substitute

Environmentally friendly, low-sulphur (< 0.3%) gas oil/heavy oil substitute for maritime shipping as MDO or bunker product

At the two PetrolPlus® sites, around 8,000 tonnes are kept in stock for loading onto trucks, HGVs or inland waterway vessels.

Innovation & sustainability

The process of PetrolPlus® GmbH is the result

of decades of petrochemical research.

Starting from conventional refining/distillation, we have succeeded in developing an innovative process that does not require hazardous solvents (solvate) and (mostly unsustainable) hydrogen (hydrogenation).

By avoiding these production steps, PetrolPlus® manages to produce an advanced mineral oil product while emitting only a minimum of CO₂ equivalents.

CO2-balance comparison of different waste oil processing methods.

Grafik CO2-bilanzielle Gegenüberstellung

Figures 1, 2 and 3: LCA study for regeneration of waste oil, ifeu institute Heidelberg, 2018.
Figure 4: Product Carbon Footprint for Petrol Plus DIN medium oil, ClimatePartner Institute Munich, 2021


The company

PetrolPlus® GmbH was founded in Mannheim in 1997.

We achieve an annual output of up to 30,000 tonnes, of which around 8,000 tonnes can be held at the two sites for loading onto trucks, HGVs or inland waterway vessels.

PetrolPlus® is part of the Buster Group, which currently employs around 170 people.

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The PetrolPlus® GmbH process is the result of decades of petrochemical research.


One of our ship loading facilities at the Mannheim site


We produce innovative petroleum products in our facilities.


Our modern tank wagon loading facility

Our product is sustainable simply because it is produced purely by recycling waste
materials, thus waste materials and thus avoids the potentially environmentally damaging
oil production, transport and refining.

CEO Dr. Mathias Glass



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